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Spreading Disney Magic: Moxie's Giveaway of Disney Beanie Babies

HAPPPY NEEW YEAR, FOXIES!!! From where I'm standing 2024 looks pretty good for all of us. I'm excited for the year, but for now, I am still in holiday-celebration mode. Russia celebrates the holidays until around January 9th. It's been an emotional holiday, with so much to celebrate and remember with laughter and tears..etc. Of course, I indulged in Moxie's Four Ps of Surviving the Holidays. But this year's "Provide" was quite significant to me.

In the name of removing-old-energy-to-make-room-for-new-energy, I gave away my Disney Beanie Baby Collection (Moxie clasps her pearls as sentimental memories overcome her). Though Ive had them for over fifteen years, they are in Excellent condition with the tags still on them. Thats very important to those who like to collect and trade them. Even more important is the sentimental value.

I had my middle name legally changed to "Mulan", after the Disney's Mulan; so i guess you can say I am a huge Disney fan. These babies hold a precious place in my heart. I contemplated many years giving away the babies. But they no longer serve any purpose in my life. And I was holding onto to old energy; energy that can be new energy for someone else. Besides, I still have my "Seven Dwarfs", my life-size "Mickey", "Mike Wadowsky and Goofy". So I am not loosing anything by blessing someone else with my babies.

So, I collected them, and placed them near the Christmas tree in my high rise's lobby. I thanked them for the energy they provided, and good luck in their new home. It was a real Toy Story moment. Well, that's my "provide" part of Moxies Layer of Love. It felt good starting the year with a generous spirit. On a differ note, I've notice that when i pay-it-forward, the universe has always given it back to me ten- fold. I can't explain it and maybe it's just all in my head. But I fully believe generosity makes the world a better place. Can you imagine how much happier people would be if they were generous with caring for themselves? Taking care of yourself makes you want to help others. Well, at least that's how it works in my world.

How many of the Disney characters were you name in the video? If you can't name at least half of them, let it be a sign for you to spend more time with your inner child. (Moxie reaches out for your hand) Let's go enjoy 2024. Stay Foxy!


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