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A Gift to My fellow Dreamers and Lovers

As I was creating one of my “Girl Talk“ polls for a Instagram, this particular clip instantly triggered something in me. In less than 30 seconds this clip explained my life. So In honour of Wonder Woman Wednesday, I have decided to share this clip with you. And a special shout out to the women who are doing it on their own. You’re not alone, girl! I see you!

1. Carrie is when we finally get

the courage to step outsideour comfort zone, and fail.* Margret Cho is the personwho sees our potential, whenwe don't. And encourages usto push ourselves.

2. Demise or Triumph. As long

as the photographer benefits,

he will be by your side. But

doesn't help when we


3. Carries friends represent

our BIGGEST cheerleaders,

that route for us no matter

what…even when they can’t be with us.

My favourite part of the

clip is when Carrie is no longer

afraid of falling, and Struts off

stage. It's strange how our

mistakes help us grow, if we

are dreamers. Am I right?

On a lighter note, do you think Heidi should’ve helped? I say no. She would have thrown off the timing for the rest of the show. But it would have been my reflex to help Carey. What are your thoughts?

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