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Beauty Aint just Skin Deep

Mox told her she was beautiful. She didn’t agree. 😱😱 Mox told her she should have a photo shoot, then she could see how gorgeous she was. She said she could never do a photo shoot by herself. This picture was the result. We (ESPECIALLY women) have been taught to not put so much emphasis on our looks. Those who do are egotistical, self centered, shallow. We are shamed for admiring our outside... because it’s the inside that counts. Bulls!#%!

There’s NOTHING wrong with admiring, enjoying, and LOVING the skin we are in. Beauty is not evil. It is not a curse. On the contrary!! The key is to have balance. Equally caring what’s on the inside AND OUT. It doesn’t mean to ignore the outside for fear of being considered self absorbed. Do we not know people who are ugly on the inside that are not-so-attractive on the outside?? They always say "Beauty doesnt last forever." Umm...which is even more reason to enjoy it while we have it. Fall in love with ALL OF YOU. LET´S GO LADIES!!! See you December 26th at @jazzclubesse #moxiemondaymotivation

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