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Bitch vs Boss...

the first time I saw this video, many years ago, I felt my voice resonating with Minaj's. She was venting from a Business Woman's perspective in the workforce. The unspoken rules, and expectations of the game wasn't something I was experiencing alone. I am basically a One- Woman- Corporation. I make all the decisions In front, and Behind the Scenes. Usually, Art Directors are not used to dealing with the Artists, directly. There's usually Agencies, Managers, Travel Bookie, Assistants and so on, to handle everything. But, in Moxie´s case, she handles everything.

Most Art Directors, Managers that I deal with are men. i AM NOT SAYING ALL MEN ARE THS WAY...but I do get my fair share of condescending speech, and mansplaining. The air of "You dare not to take what I am offering?!" that I smell during negotiations. It took me a while to learn how to navigate thru the bullshit. But I finally did. It all boiled down to self worth.

I know that sounds cliche, but it is pure facts. To be more specific, I know what I have to offer, because I AM the entertainment. So in order to get me on stage, they have to first deal with me backstage. The logistics has to be handled first (deposit, time, soundcheck, promotional posters..etc).

Secondly, I began to understand that I am not working FOR the venues. I am working WITH them. We both have the same goal in mind, which is to deliver the greatest time to the client. in essence, we are Partners. So when I am assertive about the things promised on the contract, it shockingly raises an eyebrow, or two. They usually see this as a Boss/Worker relationship.

The third the thing I began to understand is that you can always throw money at it. This is my personal, most favorite solution. Of course, not for every problem. But when it applies, I am all about it! Sometimes I hire a male beard to deal with clients. At one time, I felt like a sell out because I am all about Female Empowerment. I shouldn´t hide behind some beard. I need to be the one slaying these male sharks... teach them how to treat women, respect us...and so on. Right? WRONG. I have also learned the art of picking and choosing my battles. Sometimes, having a male beard to help me deal with my male counterparts, frees space in my mind to focus on the actual show. And thats where I like to keep most of my focus, since I am an entertainer first.

The last lesson I have learned is not to let the bullshit effect my other relationships. Sometimes, I found myself biting heads off males within my tribe. They began to walk on eggshells around me. i had to learn how to let down my guard when it is not needed...which is so hard to decipher sometimes, since you find the same attitude outside of business also. LOL...

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