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Black Drakania

i am transforming from a Queen to a Dragon. The change has been gradual. But I am starting to notice. A queen rules from her throne. A dragon rules from the sky... and destroy with fire.🔥🔥 I have burned several bridges with people lately. And it has been liberating. 🎉🎉 not every relationship was toxic. Sometimes people just aren’t on the same vibe, and it’s best to let go and move on. At first I was terrified of letting go. I was convinced that I Needed them in my life. That I wasn’t enough without them. But that’s so not true. I only believed I wasn’t enough because I didn’t know my own strength. Because I was convinced that these people were more valuable and authoritative than they really were. 🧐🧐 I believed they had my best interests at heart. But as I grow into my wings and tail, I see the reality. The reality is everything that I need is within me.🥰🥰 so I burned the bridges to make sure those type of people have no way back into my Queendom again. Now I just freely fly around my life, Keeping a close eye on who’s roaming the courtyards. So if you see a random blaze in the distance … Most likely it’s me taking care of business.

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