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Black Women, Women (then maybe men) that Order.

In America, Black women are not only the least protected and respected people, we are also paid less than white women for the same job. And women, in general, are paid less than men.


One of the greatest benefits of working for myself, is the freedom to hire whomever the hell I want. “Karmen Moxie” is a private entity, so it is my RIGHT to “discriminate”. That is not an opinion, but American law actually allows it. Though I work outside of the country, I am still bound to American taxes and laws, as a business owner. Unfortunately, women musicians are harder to come by. But this past New Year's Gig, I performed with instrumentals. However, I still needed a Brain and Back Vocalist.


A Brain is what others would call an Assistant. But I use the word Brain because they Literally think for me about EVERYTHING beyond the stage. I NEVER travel ANYWHERE alone, outside of America. My Brain must travel also. Masha was my Brain for the New Year. She translated; checked me into my hotel and airport; made sure everything on my tech rider was done; watched my time while I was in stage; and so on. Don't get her twisted, she is NOT the one to be messed with. In this male- dominated industry, you will be pushed around, and ran over if you are timid. Masha was a BEAST. You can see it in her eyes that she was NOT that kind. Then, of course, there was my back vocalist, Kim. She had to be a woman, but first and foremost...Black. If she wouldnt have been available, it wouldn’t matter the race....but it still would’ve chosen A WOMAN vocalist.


And Yes, they were qualified for the positions. I would never sacrifice the quality of my brand. I paid them Top dollar services. The only part I didnt like was that their hotel room was better than mine! These are the ladies in the picture with me. Did I mention they are also single moms? 

It felt so good to start 2020 with them by my side. Most of all, it felt great to contribute my small part to the progress of women, business- wise.

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