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Captain "save a hoe" nomo (no more)

Updated: Jul 4


Karmen : "Captain 'Save A Hoe" to the rescue.


Hello, Foxies! I am not sure who needs to hear this, besides me, but we're not superheroes like the Avengers, so we don't always have to rescue everyone. Being an empath, I've experienced this situation numerous times. It's challenging witnessing others struggle, especially loved ones. I empathize with their pain and if I can help prevent someone from experiencing the same, I will. However, not everyone wants to be saved, right?

Even if we absolutely know better, it doesnt mean it's our duty to save someone from their choices. And many times, I had the audacity to be upset when others do not listen to my unsolicited assistance. LOL.

I believe my obsessiion with helping people comes from my cult days. Our only goal in life was to help others make it to the other side of Armegeddon. The preaching work was a life saving work. Going door to door, preaching the bible meant i was saving lives. Though I have left the cult, it's in my nature to rescue others. But I've leafrned to control my urge by leaning into my soft girl era.

My Soft era has taught me the significance of prioritizing my own well-being. I used to irrational things like lending money to friends despite having my own outstanding bills. And I would give advice that I wouldn't take myself. Chiiiile!! But I now understand the importance of focusing on myself instead of always prioritizing others. I believe that the essence of life is to discover my purpose and strive to fulfill it to the best of my ability, while also assisting others occasionally along the journey.

I need all of my Empath Foxy's to say it with me, now "I am 'Captain Save-A-Hoe' No Mo!"

Stay Foxy!


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