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Go Monday: Chase our dreams

Updated: Jun 10

Happy Monday, Foxies! What are your plans for this week? I hope you plan on being Fabulous!!

This video is dedicated to my Fellow Dreamers. I know we get criticized for having our head in the clouds. Realists seem to have a clearer understanding about the world, but us Dreamers add color. Everything that exists was once just a dream, goal, or idea, right? Which means our mistakes are inevitable. So, we should make friends with our them, since they're apart of the deal. If you're like me, you will pay for the same mistake a few times before the lesson is learned. LOL.

I am presently working on a dream, that I hope will be manifested by September. But i am so afraid to share it, because I am still not one hundred percent sure I will succeed. And some people say "moving in silence" is the best way to go. I'm going to keep my mouth shut, but stay tuned.

You deserve a fantastic week, Foxy people, so expect it. Go Monday, Go Monday...


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