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Coffee and Caviar ....MMMM!

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

A Black American Female in Moscow, trying caviar for breakfast, with a Russian Hip Hop artist, while listening to Reggae. My life may seem like its infused together arbitrarily. But it is exactly how I designed it to be. Once I truly understood the meaning of "everything I need to succeed is within me" i used it to create my desired life, is already with me" My world began to change quickly. The kicker is that I have been using this tool all along, and i didnt know it. But that topic is for another blog.

In this blog, let me share with you my scrumptious, gift brought to me from Serbia, Tymen.

I sat down for breakfast, and took a big whiff of the fresh coffee that was sitting by the bread, butter....and glass jar of caviar?? This would an odd combination for me. But I would soon learn that Russians are known to eat caviar for breakfast. Normally, when in Moscow, I start my day with the delicious tasting Sir Nicki. MMM. But I am always ready for my taste buds to have new experiences. And from the looks of the breakfast table, I was in for a treat.

Check out how much butter he slabs onto the bread in the video! My Russian friends, please tell me if it is normal practice to spread so much butter on a single piece of bread. I simply dont believe that it´s true. To be so indulgent with fatty foods is an American thing...not Russian. :) The eggs were smaller than caviar sold at the local store, and the color was a beautiful, bright red. I tried the caviar on both dark and white bread. The mixture of flavours delighted my pallet, and the textures were smooth against my tongue.

I felt quite extravagant and fancy, sitting with my caviar in hand and fuzzy socks on my feet. Thats because the last time I had caviar was at New Years, with Champagne and Cheesecake. Anytime before that were all also special occasions. But now I feel caviar-for-breakfast is such a delightful way to greet the day. I will start it more often with caviar from now. Just an impromptu-caviar- breakfast with great vibes and conversation; it´s moments like this that makes me thankful for remaining childless (Sips Tea). What are you eating for breakfast?

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