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Consistency for ´23

It´s two weeks before we say "out with the old, in with the new", my Foxies. And I am so ready. Since my last blog about resolutions, I have came up with at least one I plan on implementing in ´23....CONSISTENCY!!! Ugh, just saying the word makes me exhausted. LOL.

Consistency requires commitment over a long period of time. And there are very few things I like to stay committed to at any given period. It´s not my fault, it´s just my nature. I get bored very easily with things, and need a switch-up. I love to work out. I have been committed to it my entire life. But I am constantly switching it up. Thats why I have a treadmill, weights, and a kick boxing set in my apartment. But now my new interest is Pilates. I love the results I am seeing, so I hope to stick to it for at least six month. Ugh...I am bored at the thought of it already. Six months seems soooo long. On the other hand, can you imagine how sexy my body will be if i stay consistent? And you wouldnt BELIEVE how many blogs I have in draft...just waiting to be finished.

But I want to change! I truly do, my friends. But how do you change being inconsistent, when you must be consistent in order to change? Ive tried the method of rewarding myself if I reach a goal. But I am not the type of person to deprive myself of something I want. I deserve everything I want in life, simply because I do. That's my motto. I´m done living a life of deprivation and suffering. Those days are long dead and gone. I now subscribe to the soft-life. Maybe thats partly why I rated myself a six this year, when it came to my resolutions (My Life I rate a Nine for ´22).

Do you have any suggestions for me, my Luvz? What are some things I can do in order to remain consistent. I need some serious HELLLP in that department.

Shout out to all of my inconsistent Luverz who try really hard..but simply cant do it for long. It´s not our fault that out life is too fabulous to stay committed to one thing. LOL.

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