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Dont Be An ASS to the Assistant!

Well, I guess it depends on who you ask. But I wouldn´t describe myself as an "ass". It was a catchy title, so I decided to use it. But, like I depends on who you ask. Raise your hand if you were laughing at my efforts to navigate thru my day without an assistant.

I had one ready to work with me, but now we are at odds. This was the second or third assistant Ive terminated. After the video shoot, I had to return the outfits back to the stylist. Usually, my assistant would handle it for me. As I shuffled through the big chunks of snow pummelling the ground, I began to wonder "Why the F*** do I keep hiring incompetent people that cant hold a job??"

The next morning, I headed over to Google and Youtube for the much needed information on how to train an employee. A glass of champagne and two Youtube- videos later I learn that the problem was with me. Not my Assistant. There was a quote from one of the videos that stuck in my head "To be a successful leader, you must be able to work with All kinds of people." It stuck in my head bc I was looking at ways to change their behaviour, or educate them how to be a professional assistant. It´s better to see people as individuals, and not as their job position. Because I´ve learned everything from trial and error, I subconsciously assume others learn and handle things the same way. But we are unique individuals, with our own way of understanding things. Of course, I´m not saying everything is my fault. But I do see where I can make improvement to better the situation. But thats for another blog....

Despite the Bad Luck that seems to follow me with this project, I am proud to say I am a step closer to my Finish line. I am creeping along, but it´s progress.

I want to give a shout out to my fellow dreamers who are feeling, eating, breathing, crying, laughing, tasting every delicious and bitter flavor of life on your journey.

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