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Fantabulous Fridaaay!!!

What are our plans for the weekend, my Friends? How are we feeling about a cozy evenings at home...or a night on the town... or BOTH?

As for me, I will be in my fuzzy socks and pajamas; wrapped in my cashmere blanket. I plan on binging in front of the television. I performed at two glamorous parties this week. And that's enough partying for me right now. I made a tiny clip, check it out. It was fun, exciting, and EXHAUSTING. LOL. There's no better feeling then being tired from doing what you love.

On the flip side, I KNOW many of you are going to be outsiiiiide. So please be safe, especially my ladies. Make sure your phone is fully charged and have minutes; carry emergency cash; share your location with family and friends; never leave your drink alone; and stay in well lit areas. I don't want to frighten anyone from having a great time, but we all know that these reminders are warranted. Plus, these are the things I do for myself (as well as carrying pepper spray). So I want to make sure we are all safe. And Who knows, I may go out this weekend. If you see me, come say hello. Have a great weekend, my friends. And Stay Foxy!


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