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Find Your Wilson

⚽️ My heart was ripped out of my body, when Tom Hanks lost Wilson in “Cast Away”. 😕😕😕 Did anybody else cry, as he floated away?? Sure, some may say “Wilson was just a volleyball.” But Tom was desperate for human connection. The isolation was driving him senile. ✨✨I could TOTALLY relate. When I escaped the cult, I left behind my entire family and community. I was floating in the sea solo. With no direction of what to do. Whitney Houston became my Wilson. 🙌🏾🙌🏾 I spoke to her Album covers, videos, pictures everyday 🗣And she spoke to me thru her music. When she died, I fell into a Major depression for two months. If I shared how I was feeling, others would have thought I was an obsessed fan. No way they could relate to what I was going thru. Needless to say, She is my FAVOURITE singer now and forever. ✨✨There’s no set protocol how to handle trauma. We just deal with it the best we can, and not judge ourselves so harshly. I was fortunate not to have turned to self-harming actions like alcohol and drugs to handle my emotional wounds. I did hurt a few people on my way to healing. And I had to learn how to forgive myself. We all tend to make mistakes when we are not in the best state of mind. I guess I’m just trying to say “Let’s remember to be kind to ourselves” ESPECIALLY now. Find your Wilson. (Whitney Houston Tibute Concert coming soon..)

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