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The first rule to living a happy life is learning how to forgive ourselves.Mistakes are Inevitable. As we navigate through life, We are going to stumble many times.We may even go as far as hurting Our loved ones.There will be moments that we will go against What we know is right, but have regrets later. However, we cant continue to punish ourselves over past mistakes.

Sometimes we can be our worst enemy. We must find a way to make peace with our past. i

If there is a way to fix when what we have done, by all means, do it. But if we cant, our next best step is to extract the lessons from the experience, and forget the mistake.Constantly looking at what's in the past can keep us from progressing.This isn't to say we should have a flippant attitude, Especially if we have hurt someone. A reasonable amount of time should be given to feel some sort of remorse for any damage that we have caused. But ultimately, forgiving ourselves should be the main goal.

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