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Four steps to surviving the holidays

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

This is Moxies- Mid- Holiday- Roll Call. If you made it thru Christmas, and still rolling along with us to the New Year...say "Herrrrh!!" How are you feeling, Fabulous Foxies?? I am imagining your holidays are going well. Mine has been a total delight. But for those of us who are struggling, I am sending jazz-with- wine vibes your way. It's the perfect way to celebrate the fact you are surviving the holidays. If existing is the best you can do for now, then be proud of it. Many times over, I have been-there-done-that during the holidays. So, If you feel like youre mentally struggling a bit, let me share a few of my tried and true tips....

Did you know it's common for people to struggle during this time of year? The reason why the depression and suicide rate grows is because it's the time of year that focuses on family, friendship, and love. And Pain is an endless storm where no two heartaches are the same. No other time brings these memories to the forefront like the holidays. Let me introduce to you the Layers of Love.

The first layer should be the "pamper and prepare" layer. And it's especially important because the First and most important love is Self-Love. I mostly do Pampering and preparing when I am spending my holidays alone. As an artists, I spend the holidays alone alot. So I pull out my favourite blanket, and stock up on hot coca, popcorn, coloring books..etc. Chile, I can write an entirely new blog if i stay on this subject. But I'd love to hear your ideas. Do you ever catch your inside voice criticising you for feeling or doing something? Me too. WE NEED TO STOP IT. I've lost a couple of friends this year. And i can't believe I am going into the New Year without them. I've been thinking of them incessantly since the holidays began. I don't want to waste alot of precious time thinking about them. But I am human, and it hurt to loose them. So i have given myself an allotted moment to acknowledge the feeling, with no judgement. Then I pamper myself as a reward for handling the moment like a Goddess. Prosecco and Cheesecake, Foxies?

The second layer is "play and provide". This layer of love involves other people, hence the second layer. Engaging with others always help me feel better, and keeps me from focusing on negative things. So I try to plan some "play" time with my tribe. If i am spending the holidays alone, I LOVE going to the movies; people-watching in a coffee shop. And I "provide" a donation to different charities, or help someone less fortunate each year. So there you have it, my personal technique to surving the holidays.

Pamper. Prepare. Play. Provide.

Keep in mind, Foxies, I am no doctor. I am just sharing from my personal experience. So take everything i say with a grain of salt, followed by a shot of tequila. Heey!... Fa La La La Love You to EVERYONE... Let's be gentle with ourselves this year.

And Stay Fa la la la Foxie!!!

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