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From cult to crowd

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

The men are to take the lead in all things...that what I was taught in the cult. From being forbidden to stand at the podium, to entertaining theatres full of people every weekend. I will forever be appreciative of surviving the struggle. Transitioning out of the cult was like peeling skin off your entire body, inch by you figure out life.

But in these past few years, I am finally starting to feel like a "Normal" person. I think the de-brainwashing is a life long process. But the triggers aren´t as potent as they used to be. Often I get annoyed with myself, when I slip back into that cult- like thinking...being too hard on myself; and becoming my worse critic. It´s easy to forget how far Ive come, when i am steady focusing on the mistake.

When I was sent this picture, i was instantly taken aback. I suddenly remembered my progress. And I don´t celebrate it enough. Can you relate? We need to remember to give ourselves credit, where credit is due. This "life" thing is freakin´ hard!Sometimes we get so obsessed with doing better, we become blinded to our accomplishments. The progress of any measure should never pass without the honor of being acknowledged.

Anyway.... Thanks for coming to the festival, Foxys and Frenzies!! You made this photo possible. You help me remember how far I´ve come in life...So far. See You on Sept 8 for my "Ladies of Love Songs" Concert.



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