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From Resurrection to Rock n Roll!

CAN YOU BELIEVE I WAS FIGHTING FOR MY LIFE, JUST TWO MONTHS BEFORE THIS VIDEO?? I am still reeling from it, my Luvz. Many of you have asked WTF was I doing in the hospital, and i want to share. I really do. But I am not mentally nor emotionally able to talk about it now. But I promise, I will give details in the future. Thank you so much for your love and concern. In the meantime, can we just relish in the fact that I am alive. I mean, let´s marinate in the fact that I was the HEADLINER for Moscow´s Rock Festival 2020? Can we just savour the taste of Moxie´s Return to the stage? I thought it woudnt happen, yall. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to the doctors who kept fighting on my behalf, when i absolutely gave up!!! And they did it without being able to speak English, and me not knowing Russian. Damn!! I am crying again. Hold your loved ones close, and your happiness closer.

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