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From Self Doubt to Success...My First show with my new band.

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Fantabulous!!! Scrumptious!!! Brilliant! The ONLY way to describe 15th show. All of my expectations were surpassed. After Second Frenzy, I decided I needed a New sound, New Look, New Flow. So I updated my playlist; found an Entirely new backline, and changed my personal style.

April 15 came around, I was unsure if i should have made so many new changes at once, especially since the Venue was new also. Even my outfit was new. LOL. But two minutes into the show, and I felt more confident that i made all the right choices.

The band KICKED ASS. They were five parts of one brain meshed synced. I feel like i am not doing our performance justice, because i truly have no words to fully describe it.

A few months ago, I was depressed because I lost Second Frenzy. I was doubting myself, thinking I was the reason for its demise. I kept running various scenarios in my head...trying to figure out where i went wrong. Then, I got a phone call from the band´s leader, asking me to come back; telling me he got rid of the "problem", and wanted me to come back. I made the very tough decision not to return. I carry with me the valuable lessons I learned from being with them. But I had outgrown the band. The damage was done.

I listened to my gut. It was THE BEST decision. Come check out my next show, and judge for yourself. Stay Foxy!

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Apr 19, 2023

the show was fantastic!!!!

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