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Have a Creative Covid Christmas!

Only a few days before Christmas. Are you ready?? Some of the Mom´s on my newsfeed are feeling a bit guilty (or sad) they can´t give their kids the usual merry-filled- Christmas to their kids this year. Between isolation, and lack of´s kind of difficult to be so jolly. Firstly, brava to you mothers (and fathers, of course) for being so concerned for your kids. I was raised with there-are-others- worse-off-than- you speech, to make me feel guilty for desiring anything more than what was given to me. But I digress...

Though I am not a parent, I can tell you that Christmas can still be fun for your kids!!

Let´s face facts, EVERYBODY knows that it´s a fake holiday anyway. The traditions and decorations are intertwined with pagan rituals and symbols, that have nothing to do with Jesus´ birthday. So, there´s nothing wrong with creating new, fake ways to celebrate Christmas this year. School age kids are not ignorant to the pandemic. They will understand that Christmas will be different this year. Why not ask them for ways the family could celebrate under these conditions? This will make it a "family affair", and not a burden for the parents to carry alone. Kids are very creative anyway, getting them involved will allow them to be apart of the solution. Cook a Christmas dinner together; make gifts for each other; a night of Christmas movies, create greeting cards for those who are alone this Christmas....the options are endless.

I grew up with no Christmas at all. Can you imagine being sent to the library EVERY year, while the rest of the school celebrated Christmas? I would pretend as if I was reading, but I was really listening to all of the parties going on as i sat quietly with my books. Don´t let the pandemic steal their childhood this year. Be creative!! Christmas can still be the fun- filled- fake pagan holiday that Christians love to celebrate with their kids. Hold your loved ones tight, and your happiness tighter. Let´s go, Ladies!! Mox.

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