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GOMonday. hello monday!

Updated: 5 days ago

Hello, Mondaaaaay!!! Let's take a roll....Foxies and Sexies screaaaam!!

I had my first rooftop show this weekend. It was a performance at a wedding. Thank Goddess the weather turned out to be great. And if this weather is any indication of the upcoming's going to be a fantastic season.

Cut to today, I am looking forward to a successful weekend. I don't know who needs to hear this, my Foxies, but be very selective who you give your energy. It doesn't mean anyone is good or bad. It just means you aren't on the same page.

Someone in my past reached out to me, that had blocked me out of their life. They told me I was too toxic, and blocked me. LOL. Several years later they are in my email asking "are you still in Russia?" LMAO!!!!!!!!. And Within two email conversations they had labeled me "aggressive" and accused me of "calling them names." You guessed it...cult tactics.

"I see you like holding onto the past." They said, when I mentioned how they blocked me years ago, for the Second Time.

Wow. They have my pity.

In the meantime, there's money to be made, and cocktails to enjoy with authentic people who truly love me. So you KNOW where I am focusing my energy. Hello, Monday. Let's GOOOO!!!


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