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Her man wants YOU??!!

This was the MOST interesting poll for me, thus far. I just KNEW for sure everyone would answer 100% YES.

Well, I am letting everyone know, if my man flirts with you, I WANT TO KNOW. If I find out from someone else, instead of you...there will be mad problems! If youre in my tribe, and don´t tell me, you will be sacrificed to the Goddess of Betrayal...AND I will take your best shoes!! All jokes aside, I would love to hear why a person wouldnt tell their friend such news. If you have any ideas, or share the same opinion, write them in the comments.

Thank you so much for voting, Luvz. They are actually quite fun for me. I hope you are enjoying it too. If you want to be apart of the fun; go to my new Instagram page @sexandthecitypolls. Until then, keep your loved ones close, and your happiness closer.

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