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honesty is not the best policy

Lying shuts people down, and out of your business, quickly. That's why I love it. If you're too nosey, or inappropriately inquisitive about my life, I will lie to you. This self defense mechanism was created during my cult-life. EVERY freakin action was scrutinized. Even if you're doing nothing wrong, but it LOOKS like you may POSSIBLY might do something wrong. For example, a male-neighbor watched a movie at my house with me. Nothing happened then , or never. However, when my cult-uncles saw him leaving my apartment, as they walked towards it, I told them he was a plumber. LOL!!!!

NO, I didn't believe I did anything wrong watching a movie with my neighbor. But a single, non-cult member man watching a movie over my house LOOKS suspect. And I was risking getting a stern lecture from the elders. So I lied.

Once I moved a few hours away from my family, it was hard for anyone to notice my lack in attending cult-meetings.. The cult procedure is to find a Kingdom Hall near your new home, and introduce yourself to the elders. The elders will then contact your last congregation. The last congregation will, then forward your church-records to your new congregation. In other words, the organization keeps track of your life everywhere you go. Then they report your life activities to the headquarters call Bethel, in New York. But that's a different blog.

It was when i moved on my own that i begin to live my biggest lie ever. I would deceived both my family congregation, and my new congregation into thinking I was an active member.

The cult had two bi monthly magazines called "Watchtower and Awake", that was mailed to our house. So I was able to keep up with the latest events and teachings taking place in the church. Though I had stopped attending meetings, I was always up to date, just enough to convince my family i was still attending the meetings near my new home.

When I joined my new congregation, I lied and said I'd be visiting my family's Kingdom Hall often, so I won't be attending many meetings. They were okay with it, as long as I reported my ten hours I spent preaching to others. Because of that lie, I alleviated the pressure from the cult, and gave my life room to breathe. For the first time, I had full control of my time. And i began to understand why the cult wanted so much of my time.

Seven church meetings a week, studying to prepare for those meetings (thats at LEAST fourteen hours of your month gone), Personal and family bible study (two hours), and preaching the ministry door to door (Minimum 10 hours required per member). That's a total of twenty-six hours dedicated to the cult per month...AS YOU WORK FORTY HOURS A WEEK and/or GO TO SCHOOL. But now, my weekends were FREE to sleep, READ, THINK Independently.

My path to learning the truth all started with me telling a Lie.


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