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How Do You Do, ´22?

We made it, My Luvz!!! We are so fortunate to be here. I arrived safe and sound...hows is everyone else doing? It took me a minute to write a New Year Post, because we celebrate from Dec 31st to January 10th. Russia, inculcates two Christmas(es?) and two New Years. Between performing at parties, and having parties myself...your girl stayed merry and busy. LOL

However, my actual New Years I spent ay home. It was my first traditional, Russian, New Year celebration. And I enjoyed it immensely.


Unpopular opinion...New Years Resolutions are fun! I see them as chance to press rewind, and try again. Everything the year before is nothing but a memory. My resolution is to continue contributing to the women community. Continue to fall in love with my life more each day. And chase the bags, not bulls#!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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