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"Mastering the Art of Faking It: Strategies for Success"

Hello, Foxies. I hope youre not faking feeling well today. So I am sending virtual "mood" candy to you. But I do want to talk about "faking it". Tell me your opinion.

When have/do i fake it? I remember being terrified while auditioning for my first band. The only experience I had was karaoke at local bars. Being a cult survivor, of course my experience was limited to the outside world. I had no support system at the time. But I knew Music. It's been my one loyal relationship since birth. Knowing I wanted to emerge myself into the live band world beyond karaoke, I faked my confidence during the audition and got the job. Apparently i was qualified for the position as a lead singer. But when I didn't believe in my abilities, I leaned into my love for Music. I wasn't expecting to join a band at my first audition. I was prepared to endure a few No's, because my love for music was bigger than my insecurities. What's bigger than yours?

How to Fake It? We need to be highly cautious of who we choose to be in our tribe. Their attitude is important if we are going to fake it successfully. If we are surrounded by people who truly support us, we can lean on their faith in our abilities. Our cheerleaders are there to route us on, when we feel we have nothing left. They are keeping their eye on our prize for us, when we are crying from the struggle. And if you don't have anyone to be your cheerleader, you must be your own.

Think of how far you've come; and the goals you have already achieve. Your heart may have temporarily lost self confidence. But your mind remembers the times you won in life. Our memories are proof of our success. It remembers when we had to be warriors, and won the fight. Those memories we must lean upon, in times of self doubt. On a side note, that why it's important to CELEBRATE ourselves, and our accomplishments.

Why Fake It. Unless we are superhuman, there will be many moments in all of our lives when temporarily suffer from lack of self confidence. Maybe we have made a few mistakes along the way, and it has caused us to shy away from trying again. Thats why we must fake it at times. In my line of work, The Show Must Go On. So when I am not feeling my best, I must fake it until I make it.

Most of the time, when we fake it, we find out that we are actually capable of more than we give ourself credit. But we would never know, if we didn't fake it. Please note, there's a difference between being fake, and faking it. What is your opinion about it? I'd love to know. Leave a comment. Stay Foxy!!


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