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I Care About YOU!!!

I dont need to know you personally to care for you. I know what it´s like to be alone in this world. For years of my life, as many of you know, my own family refused to talk to me. I have suffered crippling depression from it. Though things have changed recently, the scars and wounds do not heal quickly. As much as I want to forget the pain and resentment, it still lingers. The aftermath of this tribulation is what allows me to empathise with others.

I have seen a couple of posts from some experiencing depression. It usually happens around this time of year, people began to feel sad. It gets dark earlier in the day, compounded with holidays reminding many of their missing loved ones. This year is especially hard on many. Forced isolation and countless deaths from the corona has taken a toll on us. I wish I had the words to make others feel better. But from experience, I know the only thing we can do is hold on. Just hold on. Bad times dont last forever, though it may feel like it. And please know youre not alone!!!

The great thing about the internet is the ability to reach out to others, when we need help. There are groups and programs available online, to help us through these depressing times. Please utilise them, if you need to do it. There is no shame in getting help. I have the utmost agape for everyone. And I want you to know I CARE.

Hold your loved ones close, and your happiness closer. Mox.

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