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I´m a Genie in a Bottle.....

Everything I want, I will get. The crazy thing about it is I actually believe it. But what frightens me is that it's really happening. I.Get. What I Want.

At some point over the past weekend, It hit me like a ton of bricks; I was living the life I had imagined for myself since i was younger... IN Full DETAIL.

Getting what I want has been happening more and more , lately. Even certain desires I did not specifically pursue consciously were manifesting. It´s scary because now I understand how sensitive and powerful our unconscious thoughts really are. The law-of-attraction is a real thing! So, in essence, I can get in my own way. I already know I need to work on being my biggest critic. I have been making a conscious effort to be my biggest cheerleader. As soon as I hear me overly criticize myself, I immediately overcompensate with positive words.

Our mind is like a machine. It doesnt decipher whats right and wrong. It just believes what ever we feed it. In other words, if I fully believe I can accomplish something, my mind will act accordingly. Of course i have heard "you are what you eat" (that goes for mental, physical, and spiritual food). But I never really got until NOW...

With that being said...please don´t sleep on me in the next several months. It may look like I have been doing nothing new, but I have been a very busy, productive dragon. So stay tuned. I wonder how many of us believe in the Law of Attraction. Or is it something else?...

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