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Karmen´s Cabaret- A Big Mistake?

I have this amazing idea of having my own Cabaret show. No, I have no experience with Cabarets. I was born on stage, with a microphone in my hand. All of my Performing life, I have shared the stage with musicians only. If dancers were inculcated in my show, they were Go Go dancers. But Never in my Life have i actually danced with them. In this new idea of mine I am singing AND dancing. Not just simply shaking my ass..but Choreographed dances.


The idea popped into my head a couple of years the beginning of the pandemic. At some point, I am sure everyone began to reevaluate their life during the pandemic. I had to ask myself would I be happy with all i have accomplished, if i died during the pandemic. Besides vowing to Love myself for, I made the vow to fearlessly charge at my dreams. For me, "What If" is scarier than "I wish I had never.." I prefer regret making a mistake, then not trying. So I started my journey. First thing I did was figure out a theme.


I want my show to be about empowering women, since thats one of the callings in my life. The second requirement was to choose songs from Black Female Artists that celebrated the females power, creativity, and sexuality. With Netflix being my closest ally during locked down..I stumbled across Beyonce´s Homecoming. And I was hooked. STUCK.

I began to create my show, based on some of her dances. I knew if I was going to dance along side professional dancers, I would need to learn the dance waaaaaay before hand. What may take a professional dancer five minutes to learn, would take me months to learn.

Cut to today, I am ready to make my promo for my show. I purchased the outfits, wigs, found dancers. Over the past couple of years, I have ran into so many problems and heartaches thru this journey. I have cried tears from fear, self doubt....I lost dancers, wasted money, gained knowledge, and so much more during this process. And I have decided to share it with you.


I dont know if it will be a success or not. But I want to be an example for others who have a dream. I want to share my process. And maybe, my journey will give someone else the courage to go for theirs.

This is my first behind-the-scenes clip. I discuss my feelings of finally reaching the BIG DAY of making my promo video. Please be patient because I am just winging it...including this blog. So things may change, as my journey continues.


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