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(Karmen´s Cabaret Prt 8) These Boots AREN`T Made for Walking!!...

We are always told that mistakes are part of the process. But when it actually happens, we usually arent prepared to deal with the disappointment. That was the case with me. When the stylist showed the boots to me, I was ready to give my entire life for them. They completed my outfit perfectly!! I didnt care they were two-sizes- too big; I wanted them in my video!! All i could imagine was how fabulous they were going to look.

I wasnt happy with the final results of my first attempt to create my video.So this time I had to get it right. I was running fifty percent over budget already, and had no more room for mistakes. Everything is in place, we are ready to start...then boom!! I can´t dance in the boots!!! There was no time to replace them. I could reschedule the shoot. But I would still have to pay the videographer, dancers, and studio for the day. The only choice I had was to have a nervous breakdown, right there on the set. LMAO!!

In the video, you see how I tried to pull myself together a couple of times. Then I just dropped to the floor, and started crying. I tried a couple of times, but I could not dance in the boots. I didnt want to have an emotional breakdown in front of everybody. It was my project, and my energy is what set the mood for everyone else. But this time, it was my dancer´s vibe that help me step back from the ledge. Check out the video, to see how she did it. Thank Goddess she was there.

I ended up wearing my everyday-shoes in the video. Though they werent as fabulous as the boots, they got the job done. As we began to work, i understood that my boots didnt look that bad with my outfit. Besides, after about ten minutes of dancing, I was mostly focused on trying-not-to-faint from dancing. I knew the steps very well. But I wasnt prepared to do it several times in a row. We had to keep repeating the steps, so the videographer could get footage from different angels. The valuable lesson that I learned is dress-rehearsal is VITAL! And so is the crew around you. If it wasnt for Natalie´s pep talk, the video may not have happened...

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