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Karmen´s Cabaret. YAAAAAAY!!!!!! Promo DONE!!

My fellow Weirdos, Dreamers, Divas and Darlings I am soooooo happy to finally announce that I have finished my Promo Video! Six months of trials and tribulations; triumphs and tragedies, disappointments and disco naps have finally paid off. As the pandemic-panic began to die down, the invasion of Ukraine threw me into another tail spin. I began to quickly loose international allies because they disapproved of me remaining in Moscow. Even though there has never been a mass exiting from the United States while Black people continue to suffer from racism, the entire world expected all non Russians to uproot their life in support of Ukraine. But I digress.

The cabaret has much more work that needs to be done before it´s complete, this promo video was the biggest task ive had to conquer. Now the only thing left to do is finish purchasing outfits, learn two more dance steps, and figure out my stage decor. It may sound like a lot. But the stage is my home. I am not new to that part of the project. And when it comes to outfits, it´s just a matter of purchasing them. Now that the promo video is done, my budget has opened up to buy what I need.

Many, many times I felt like giving up. Actually, a couple of times I did. LOL. But the cabaret kept tugging at me. Always in the back of mind. No matter how much i tried to suffocate it under other simply wouldnt die. And I am glad it didnt. If youre like me, and find yourself in an uphill battle to claim whats yours, keep climbing. Use your tears to wash away all other distractions, and keep climbing. I hope you like the video.

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