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Killer snow cleaners

How's the weather treating you, Foxies?It has been snowing in Moscow since Thanksgiving. Coming from California, I get so excited to see the beautiful, fluffy love floating thru the air. But I havent always had a love affair with snow. I actually thought i was going to die, the

first time dealing with snow in Moscow.

Adjusting to life in Moscow as a black American female meant that I was constantly nervous. It didn't help that I heard noises on my roof at 5 am after a snowstorm, leading me to believe that someone was breaking in to kill me. Not knowing the Russian police number was also an added worry. I automatically tried 911. Of course, that only works in America. So I decided to call the only person in Moscow that I knew. Sergey, my sponsor and guitarist, is married with two kids. It was highly inappropriate to be calling him at such a weird hour. But i didnt GAF. I was not about to be killed in Moscow. Thankfully, he informed me that the noises were simply snow workers doing their job before people head to work. Whew! The relief that washed over me is indescribable. Here are a few other things I had to get used to when it came to winter in Russia:

Black Ice. You can't see it. I dont know why they call it black. It should be called invisible, because you can't see it. Black Ice is a clear coat of ice that forms on the ground. If you're not used to it, you can slip and fall...which i did several times. My very first time experiencing black ice was so bad, that Sergey and my art Director had to hold on to both sides of me, and walk to the door as i slid along. Sheesh.

Coat Check. I can't tell you how many times I've lost my coat-card I am given. Many venues do not allow you to take your coat inside the establishment. You must check your coat at the entrance of the venue. The coat-checker takes your coat, hang it up in the little coat- room, and give you a ticket to reclaim your coat when you leave. It's like valet parking ...but for your coat. I HATE it because i get cold easily, I dont like others keeping my stuff, and i loose my ticket 50% percent of the time (insert eye roll here).

Russian Women Walking with Heels, in the SNOW! This is BIGGEST adjustment for me. These ladies were born with three inch heels on their feet. Thats the only answer I can figure as to why they are able to glide across the ice and snow with ease. I am constantly stumbling in my Timbs. But the Russian ladies strut in the snow as if they are walking on water. INSANE!

Happy Holidays my friends. Stay Warm. Stay Fab! Stay Foxy!

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