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know music, know life. no music, no life.

Foxies, do you think i would make a good lawyer? I always felt that if i wasn't a singer, I wouldve possibly ended up being a lawyer. I imagine myself living in a big cosmopolitan city, like New York. Running around the city in taxis, while wearing my three inch heels and business suits.

But I am a passionate empath. The emotions of innocent people loosing their cases would take a toll on me. But I have a feeling I would be a shark, so I wouldn't loose many. But, alas, I had a differ calling for my life. Music.

Music is the Only thing that encompasses the Entire world. It's a universal language. It's an essential element to enjoying life. If it our sixth sense. It feeds and heals soul. It's the only true religion. And it's the only religion that doesn't have blood on it's hands. Know Music... Know Love, Peace, Unity, Therapy, Life, etc.

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