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Ladies, Travel, travel, travel!!!

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Planes, trains, and automobiles, Foxys! Raise your hand if you have traveled in 2023. Raise your hand if you plan to travel before the end of 2023... Both of my hands are raised.

As a performer, I have been fortunate enough to travel to many places and meet countless amazing people. It not only gives me the chance to showcase my talents but also allows me to connect with my audience on a deeper level. Through my travels, I have gained a broader perspective on life, and it has greatly impacted my creative work. It truly is an enriching experience.

Don't let social media fool you, the average traveler aren't sugar babies, sponsored by their generous sugar daddies (shout to all the sugar baby Foxys I know around the world) . The average traveler is a 51 year old woman. Women count for 57% of all travelers And 80% of travel decisions are made by women, when traveling with others. With all the modern technologies and safety measures available today, there's never been a better time to travel and see all the world has to offer. So pack your bags and let's go!

If I was president, I would require women to travel internationally before getting married, or starting a family. From the moment a girl is born, she is groomed for being a wife or mother. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it, but traveling and financing should be added. Little girls are given baby dolls to play with. In school, the prom is promoted. As an adult, women are celebrated with baby showers, weddings, lingerie parties...etc. Women aren't celebrated nor encouraged to explore life outside of marriage and children. Traveling, which is life's best classroom to understanding ones self, is never talked about. So, besides eliminating cigarettes all together from my country, I would also require all females to travel internationally.

And as a seasoned traveler myself, I know that traveling can sometimes feel overwhelming. But I can't emphasize enough that with all the modern technologies available today, from booking flights to navigating new cities, traveling has never been easier. And with increased safety measures, it's never been safer either. So don't be afraid to travel and experience the world!

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