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Love Me more than I love you...

IS THIS THE END FOR FAIRY TALE LOVES??? It's not romantic. But I can understand why a person would marry someone who loves them more.

If you're afraid of being hurt or abandoned, marrying some who loves you more is a safe choice. It also sounds like a response to trauma.

I have a list of people I wish I had loved less! It would've saved me hours and coins on therapy!

But marrying someone who loves you more doesn't mean you won't be happy? Does it?

I'm not sure I am built

To take the "safety" route when it come to love . I need Passion! I'm not sure there's much passion if you're searching to be with someone who loves you more. Am I wrong, Foxies?

What are your thoughts?

Is it better to Marry someone to go loves you more than you live them?

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