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Let's Make friends with our mistakes

Happy Friday, Lovers!! We made it. I hope your week was grand.

"Ladies, remember, don't get mad. Get EVERYTHING!" Ivanka Trump. Ha! I love it, and absolutely agree. But We can't get everything we want, if we're constantly at odds with ourself; a lesson I had to learn the hard way. I was once notorious for beating myself up over making mistakes. That's because my mistakes were my sworn enemy. I hated making mistakes, especially in front of other people! Today I am better, a bit. ;)

Mistakes are tools we use to reach our goals, and that's what took me so long to learn the lesson. I couldn't grasp mistakes being a tool. I thought mistakes actually did the opposite of helping me reach my goals. But, thats only true if I focus on the actual mistake, and ignore the lesson. It's kind of like being upset with a hammer for hitting your finger. And in an emotional state, we began to make bigger mistakes. I had to learn to detach myself emotionally from my mistakes, by focusing on how I would change my next approach.

The very first time I tried to produce my own show, I lost so, so soooo much money on trusting the wrong people, trying to take short cuts, over spending, ugh the list goes on. I was so depressed and disappointed in myself. And I was so embarassed at my failure for others to see. I had put myself out there, and i bombed. For several years, I ignored the muffled dream, buried in the dark corner off my heart. I couldnt kill the itch. So i tired again . But this time, I learned from my past mistakes and had a successful show.

Ivanka Trump once said marrying Trump was one of the biggest mistakes of her life. But she didn't get mad. She got even. Stay Foxy!


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