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Meditation for Black Women

Do you ever wonder how Black women are able to handle all of the drama that comes with being a Black woman? It is because We have a special meditation created just for us. This also explains why we all speak the same terminology, no matter where we are located. When/ If you ever here one of us use any of these terms, know that have we meditated that day.

  1. Yeasss- used to emphasize how much she agrees

  2. Mornting- Morning

  3. Bihh- Bitch

  4. I Done Hollered- To shout, scream, or laugh out loud

  5. This Aint What You Want- Warning a person not to start any drama with her

  6. Don´t Come For Me- Reconsider bringing any issues concerning me to light. Such issues include: shortcomings, false accusations, wise cracks, jokes, etc.

  7. I Can´t With You Today- A phrase used when she cannot articulate their strong feelings (often of frustration) about something or someone.

Hand Clapping, Neck, and Eye rolls are often done when using the lingo. But it is optional.

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