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More Heat, Less Harassment....

My Russian Friends are ALWAYS trying to make me go outside when it is cold. 😹😹 I do NOT understand their fascination with trying to make me do it. NO, I do not want to walk around in the snow and drink vodka!! ❌ NO, I do not want to randomly walk in the woods, and grill food!! 📛 NO, I do not want to walk around in the park with 8 layers of clothes, just for fun. 🛑 I am a singer. Excessive cold is bad for my vocals! I have said it a BILLION times, but they don’t listen. Because they are experts with Russian winter...they think they are experts about Vocal maintenance. Vocal cords are THE most expensive musical instrument to repAir. 💰💰It is my MONEY MAKER. Hello??😂😂 But thank GODDESS the warm weather is here. Now the harassment will stop. I still love you guys, tho.

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