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Moscow! Come give Moxie a Kiss!!!

HELLZZ YAH!! On October 31st, I am reuniting with my BEAUTIFUL city of Moscow!! I have not hosted my own show in almost a year! My health began to deteriorate, and so I limited my performances to special appearances, and private events. I was fortunate enough to play a huge show in Dubai. But afterwards, the pandemic shut down the world. However, during that time, I was able to get my health back in order. And now I am ready to host my own show. Moscow, are you ready???

The only Black, American Singer in Russia is back on the stage, October 31st. Where??? What time?? Who are the musicians?

On October 4th, you will be the first to know, my loyal readers. I will announce it on my website. So don´t forget to subscribe. This is my way of thanking everyone who has stuck with through these past times, and beyond!!! I have no family here in Moscow, so your support means the WORLD to me. I am so ready to see you again, my Luvz! And I PROMISE you, we will have a kick ass time!!!!

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