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Moxie in moscow...a two- minute tour of турандот

Wow is the only way to describe Turandot. It's an absolutely stunning restaurant in Moscow that you simply have to see! The ceiling decor is so captivating and elegant, it's truly breathtaking. Check out the two-minute- tour, in the video. I heard they have a splendid brunch menu. I am going to try it with one of my girlfriends, and blog about it. So stay tuned. Oh, It's been too long since i had a girlfriend- brunch. I must make it happen soon. But i digress.

It was perfect for the Gatsby event. You can hear me performing "Rolling In the Deep", while the cameraman walked up the beautiful stairs. And "Simply the Best", to end the show. It was a wonderful evening. Anyway, if you eve get chance to visit Turandot, I highly suggest enjoying a glass a wine, as you walk around the venue, enjoying the decor. Mwah! Stay Foxy, my Friends!

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