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(Moxie in Moscow) Whitney Who??-ston....

That was the wittiest title I could think of that the moment. Im sure youre rolling your eyes. But I am actually patting my back for being so clever.

I have been performing my Whitney Houston program at closed, or private events for about a year. This summer I wanted to start performing the program for public venues. I couldnt think of a better month than my birthday month, June. I was more excited about it than my own birthday. Just like how young girls dream about their wedding day, thats how i was about my Whitney Show. LOL. Eyes glazed, watching Whitney Houston videos on Youtube; imagining I was her. Don´t you just love when you let your imagination run free? That´s when I come up with my best ideas...

March rolls around, and I get phone calls from two of my Top clients in Europe. They decided to end my long standing contract with them, due to the conflict in Ukraine. They did not like that I was performing in Russia. I was a bit shocked, because they never showed concerned about the killing of Black people on America. They actually continued to enjoy all of the White- American- Artists music I perform so well for their pleasure. "Okay, I understand your point of view" Was my response to both phone calls. And simply hung up. There was no sense of devastation, to my surprise. Instead, I found it a little humorous. They stood so proud in their blinded hypocrisy, as they explained to a Black, American Woman injustice taking place in Ukraine. It was hard for me to see it as a loss, ending my contacts with them.

The financial loss was a bomber, of course. Like i said, they were two of my biggest clients. It´s cheaper to keep a customer, than it is to find a new one. Though, I am not the least bit worried about replacing them, I am not too thrill with the effort I must take in finding them. It´s similar to ending a long term friendship, and starting the new school year making new friends. Ugh.

However, the good news is I have replaced one of my clients already; and in negotiations for the second one. Well, actually, theres no negotiations. The second client already said no, twice! LOL... But I am prepared for at least thirty more, from this client. Theyre a big fish, and I want to get them on my plate. In the meantime, I have postponed my Whitney Houston program until I replace both clients. Why, you may ask...

Because I made sure that these clients are basing our business contract on BUSINESS and not politics. I am also in the process of renewing the contracts with my present clients, and adding a new clause. The addition is to assure our business excludes religion, political, and other outside ideology that doesnt pertain to our business. (I took the same steps during the pandemic, and added a clause that protected both parties from unforeseen circumstances.) So, when I perform in Moscow with my new program, I will not worry about gaining or loosing any other clients.

Whitney Houston´s birthday is August 4. So August is my new target month. I just need you to send me Whitney Houston Vibes, so I can have the power to reel in this big fish. And tell me your favourite Whitney Song. Mine changes every day.


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