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Moxie´s Foxys

Thank you for sticking with me through the years, Foxy´s. You are an amazing community. Many of you have been riding with me for over ten years. You come to my shows, read my blogs, follow me on social media, and have propped me up when i was at my lowest.

The past eight months, I was struggling hard, after the split from Second Frenzy. I was treated unjustly by the band leader, and his lap dog. I saw the signs before it happened. But i ignored the disrespect for the sake of my friendship with the band leader. That was my big mistake....ignoring the red flags. But I digress.

But thru it all, you stood by me. Routed for me, and made me believe there were better days ahead for me. You held an umbrella over my head until the sun came out. The rain washed away the toxic people around me. And when the sun finally showed itself, you were there. Thank you!!! I am humbled, happy, and hella appreciative. See you May 27th, Foxys!!!!

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