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Moxie’s Masquerade

Music is my oldest and most intimate relationship. My most loyal companion. When I left the cult, Music was my only associate. No matter what was going on, there’s always a song to fit the mood. Songs empathise, explain, exonerates…

Singing other peoples songs allowed me to hide from the world. It was an invisible shield. It was my security blanket. I’ve written a few songs. But I was never confident enough to become a full time singer/songwriter, actually performing my own songs.  The thought of it gives me a little chill, even now.

But the time is way overdue for me to do more creating, and less copying. People will no longer be hearing my voice. But they’ll be hearing ME; who I am, my soul. The idea of people responding negatively to my Music makes me cringe. I’m okay with negative responses about the rest of my life. But not to Music. 😂 I went back into the studio last week to work on my song. My goal is to perform it Sept 9, at 3 Diva Decade. OMG!…Performing my own song, at my own event that I organised???? WTF LuVZ, I’m feeling a bit giddy.

Mask Off.

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