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my review of ´22

My, my , my....this year was a year of transitioning and survival. A time of life-lessons, and love lost. A series of growth and grudges. And I still have a month to go! Im not sure I will make it, Foxy Moxie´s. LOL. Did we struggle together thru this year, or am I alone in my pity-party??

Failed New Years Resolutions

From a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being awesome), I give myself a Six. Maybe I am being a bit too hard on myself, I´m not sure. But compared to my other years, this year barely touched any of my goals. The BIGGEST goal that I missed was my "Three Diva Decade" show. Ive been working on that project for several months. EVERYTHING was done and ready: I mean the entire show was set to go....then I got sick a few days before it happened. Though I felt none of the symptoms, a quick trip to the doctor revealed I had Covid. So I had to cancel the show, refund the tickets and LOST ALL OF MY DEPOSITS.:( What a devastating blow to my wallet and pride. All of the deposits came from my own pocket. I had no sponsors. So I cant revive the show until i raise the money again. I have put the show on my Bucket List for 2023...So stay tuned.

I had plans to extended start performing regularly in Dubai and France. Up until ´22, performing I didnt focus much on a consistent schedule in those places. Every once in a while, I performed there for a special event or so. But as soon as I decided to manifest a regular schedule to travel, BOOM! Russia invaded Ukraine. It put a strain on my business relationships outside of Russia. I was devastated. Trying to cope with my life being flipped upside down made it hard to pursue many of my goals.

Dealing with the drastic life changes since February has taken a heavy toll on me mentally. But I am a cult-survivor. I have much experience in dealing with rebuilding my life many times over. As the entire world grew "anti-Russia" towards everyday people, Moscow´s mood grew dimmer. And my thighs grew fatter. LOL: As an empath, it was hard to be the normal self-motivator i usually am. In the last few months of this year, I have gained over 15 pounds from Too many pity-parties (food, drinks, and skipping the treadmill). Needless to mention, my goal to be consistent and focus fail to the wayside... So, I have arrived to December all tattered and torn. Thank Goddess Black dont crack. Despite not reaching my goals, I still look fabulous. And after all, isnt that the whole point of life; to look good, no matter whats going on? ;)

Triumphs and Tragedies

I don´t want you to think my entire year was tragic, Foxies. despite many things going wrong, I had just as many glorious highlights through the year. My personal life is ending with a wonderful Bang! II have NEVER enjoyed love as much as I had this year. I am so happy with my personal life, that it scares me sometime. No matter what happened, at the end of the day love is there to kiss my boo-boos. Love gives me the strength to handle whatever comes my way. It gives me the courage to venture further and further outside my comfort zone, knowing I have support in my corner. Most of all, when other relationships shift. love never waivers.

Music wise, I had to depart from long lasting business partnership that no longer benefited me. They began to treat me like an employee, and not a partner. So it was time for me to bounce. At firstI was upset. But it turned out to be the BEST decision ever. My work has increased 15.4 % more, because I no longer has limits to my creativity. Meanwhile, they havent worked since the departure. I don´t take joy in the demise of their project. But I do appreciate Karma quickly working on my behalf. LOL...

Next Year´s Resolutions

It´s too early for me to give a definite list for ´23. It all depends on How the year ends. Even though, we only have a few more days before the end. Though this is the most I have ever weighed in my life, I am kinda liking my new size. I am not sure yet. I am kinda feeling these new curves. But i can say for certainty, The Diva Decade is on the list. Maybe it will be manifested with a few adjustments, but it is on the list. I am not going to share everything on the list. But I will keep you posted. What resolutions do you have for ´23?

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