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Our Power resides in our pain

Updated: Apr 12

How's life, Foxies? this blog is for anyone going thru a bit of a dark time. My songs that I wrote when i escaped the cult: Hold On and Never Again, are my most "raw emotions" I've written. The lyrics transpired from nights of pain. I have books of lyrics and unfinished music that I wrote when times my vibes were low. I used it as a distraction from my pain. But in reality, the pain helped me create my best work.

So if you're a musician, artist, or anyone that is in the "creative" world, remember that when there's crying...there's creativity. Our dark days are blessings in disguise. And though we may feel like bawling up in a corner, and hide from the world, we got to fight the urge. This is the time for our souls to express its emotions. Our craft gives our feelings a vehicle to use for healing. Am I right?

I hope no one is in pain right now. But I always want us to win. So I don't know who needed to hear this, but I wanted to share a little tip that has benefited me greatly. Let me know if this applies to you too. When we are in pain, we have power.

From the Bottom of my Wine Glass....Stay Foxy!


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