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Part 2 Testing Bank Cards at Europensky Mall

So far, I have been able to purchase groceries and metro card with my physical Sberbank card. I was also able to transfer money (from my card to another Sberbank customer card) using my phone, and order a taxi. In this video, I am going shopping at my Favourite mall, to test transaction difficulties. My non Russian cards work fine with the far. Things are changing daily, as the world grows angrier with Russia.

Today, I woke up feeling as if i am in a virtual reality game. I am experiencing the things that are happening around me, and yet I am in somewhat of a fog. Unlike the Russian citizens, I am able to leave Russia at any given moment. So I have chosen to stay, and decide what to do next, as everything plays out. What are the odds of an American having no choice, but to uproot their entire life and leave behind their Luvd Ones? The trauma and PTSD that consumes a person cant be described in words. Many Americans think think they´d never know anyone personally that´d experience that life of a refugee. Well, You know ME.

When I escaped the cult, I had completely eradicate my world, and build it from the ground up. It took YEARS to finally stop surviving, and start living. Coincidentally, My life began in Moscow. Though I travel much to perform in Europe, Moscow has become my home base.

My hearts go out to everyone who is effected by this war. We are truly living in tumultuous times. Africans in Ukraine have been treated unfairly as they search for asylum at the borders. Many are students who came to Ukraine for an education. If you would like to join me in helping, please contact @blackinpolish.

I can not say it enough...Thank you, my friends for being my soundboard, and not a soapbox to prattle on about the current events. I understand emotions are running high, which leads people to see Me as an outlet for their anger, anxiety, unheard opinions all wrapped up in their concern for me. I do not take for granted how much people care. To have such a present online support is so overwhelmingly heart warming. I am not an influencer, or any kind of socialite. So it always catches me off guard, the amount of people I have standing beside. Thank you Luvz. Let´s hug our Tribe a little tighter tonight, even if it´s virtual.

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