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(Part 3) karmen´s cabaret: They HATED my Outfit...

When I saw this outfit, I was SO HYPED!!! It was at THAT Very moment my project turned from an imagination to something tangible. I was holding the Very First, custom made outfit for my Very First cabaret show. I danced in the mirror for hours! It´s like getting your vacation ticket confirmation; or finding out the party is in Your honour. What a Rush! I am so glad I purchased it in two colours. The next day, I tried on the outfit for my dancers. They all gave it a thumbs down...including E, my videographer. I felt silly standing in front of them. Then one of the dancers pulled out a pair of blue jean shorts, similar to Beyonce´s. She suggested we all wear a pair. Everyone agreed. I half heartedly- shook my head in agreement, quickly left to change my clothes.

I was embarrassed, but not in an "insecure" kind of way. I wasnt a professional dancer, so I leave room for myself to err. I am not enemies with my mistakes. But I did feel silly to think I knew anything about picking dance costumes. Not only was the costumes money down the drain, but so was part of my vision. I shoved the outfits in a bag, and placed them on my top shelf. For the next six months, I continued my search. But nothing made me happy.

Finally, I hired a very talented seamstress. But Her schedule and mine have been at odds since the beginning. Mix in the pandemic, and months have passed since we have tbeen able to finish. Out of sheer desperation, I pulled the rejected outfits off the top shelf. As I tried them on in the mirror, I couldnt remember why I rejected them. After trying it on for the dancers, I allowed their opinion to persuade mine. Because I listened to others, I deferred my mission by Several months. The WORSE feeling in the world is making someone else mistake, instead of my own.

Needless to say, I added the to costumes back to my cabaret repertoire. YAAY! Their words were still slightly ringing in my ear, as i got dressed for this video. "Is that the outfit from before?" the videographer said to me. I snapped back yes, because I remember him saying he didnt like it. "I was wrong. You look great."

Now to some girls, this would make them smile. But it only made me annoyed! I postponed my project because of his words. But can I Really be angry with any of them? It was my choice to listen their opinion...Le sigh. The Universe has such a wicked since of humour.

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