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Part 3 (Moxie in Moscow) Mary Jane and Money in Moscow

Raise your hand if the first thing you do when you wake up is check on Russia and Ukraine (both my hands and FEET are in the air, honey. Actually, that´s a Lie. I do Not greet the world until I´ve had my coffee, listened to a motivational video, and written in my journal.)

Well, my Luvz, please check out my third vlog. It´s over two weeks since Russia has been marinating in sanctions. And the quick exit of Major name brands is the straw that broke the camel´s back. Or was it? A few days after the pandemic, America´s grocery stores were bare. In the video, I share the condition of the stores. And I also try attempt to use my Sberbank card that was rejected earlier. As Russia transitions from SWIFT, there´s been a few glitches, so fingers crossed....

Many of you asked about the situation with Brittney Griner, the basketball player being held on drug charges. I have not been following the story very closely. The media has not been very vocal about her case, either way. Given the tension between United States and Russia, I believe it´s best for the situation to remain low key. However, I DO know that she is not being detained for simply having the paraphernalia. It´s not against Russian law to have a vape, bong...etc. How do I know? You´ll see in the video.

I was hoping to wake up this Monday to Peace. Or open my eyes to find it was all a nightmare. As I performed for the troops in Afghanistan, I Lived, Ate, and Talked with the soldiers. They were humans with the same desires and dreams as mine. I saw the mental aguish, PTSD, depression. As I watch the news today, I see those running for safety are fellow humankind. I feel helpless to their suffering. But what WE can do is to continue to be hear for each other...starting with ourselves.

This time period of my Life has been so prosperous, on a personal level. Without getting too deep, I would name this new personal level "Accountability".

I run in different circles. If I am the common denominator in problems for different circles, I need to figure out why. Especially if the same problem is in different circles. Actually, this is a subject that I would like to elaborate upon. So I will save it for another blog, and get your feedback.

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