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power of the trinity:Embracing karmen, mulan, and moxie

Hey, hey Foxies! How's your December so far? Mine has been fabulous! Holiday event performances are my fave! I also finished my video clip for my new song "Power" (music by Viktor Karzalov)

The video concept is about Loving and Accepting ourselves wholeheartedly. Myself includes: Karmen, Mulan, and Moxie. The Goddess Trinity. Karmen will always be a kid at heart. Mulan is side of me that fights to do the right thing. Moxie, on the other hand, is "100% unfuckwithable". These Bronze entities are jeweled with flaws, and beautiful imperfections. The more I live my "soft life", the more I realise my Power is measured by how much I love myself.

The Soft Life forces you to pay extra attention to how you treat yourself...that includes the way you speak to yourself. It teaches you to be kinder to yourself. Naturally, you began to place boundaries on how you allow yourself to be treated by YOU (....i bet you thought I was going to say "by OTHERS).

For instance, how can I bitch and complain about the disrespect and mistreatment I may endure from others, if I am not treating myself with respect.... Reach my goals; keep promises to myself; expect and want more for myself; give mysef a chance..etc. I began to prioritise my life, and put things in true perspective. The Soft Life turned out to be more than just relaxing and leaning more into my femininity; it is a University of Learning and Loving Yourself. And no matter what part of myself I am leaning into, at any give moment I am Always the one in control. And thats POWER!

I had so much fun making this clip. So I hope you enjoy it. And be sure to stream Power from all available platforms. I love you all. Stay Foxy!

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