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(Prt 5) karmen´s cabaret: I forgot How to Be a Girl.

I didnt expect to learn multiple Life Lessons when I started this project. Every step of the way, I am discovering ways to improve myself. I believe blogging about my journey is the reason. Here are a few of them.

And the Lesson for THIS Blog that you are reading? I am not sure, actually. I just wanted to share an experience I had rediscovering my Feminine side. You know...the soft, delicate, gentle side. It has been buried under my hard masculine side that´s needed to navigate thru this world; especially by single females. When I say "single" females, I mean those of us who have never had a healthy, masculine figure in our life. We had to be our father, older brother, our supportive uncle, etc. We had no choice but to show up for ourselves in our masculine energy. I have become so comfortable that I subconsciously adapted it as a lifestyle.

Cut to today, as a female leader of a band,(the band is usually all male musicians) I find myself in Full Masculine Mode. As an expat, internationally traveling, I am in Masculine mode automatically. The energy is unevenly yoked, and infused within my life´s fibre. i didnt even realise that my everyday- feminine-wardrobe tend to tilt to my masculine.

Now that I have decided to re shoot another promo video, I decided to get help from a professional stylist. I was not satisfied with the back dancer´s color scheme. didnt match my outfit. But the stylist has another agenda. Not only did she want to change the dancer´s outfits, but she wanted to change mine. MINE!?!? If you have been keeping up with my journey (thank you so much for showing interests, by the way. I TRULY appreciate it) you remember the Tug of War; and my determination to use My Outfits. But unlike the others, the stylist actually had expertise in the subject.

And thru her expertise, I found my softer appearance. She played with designs, as I prefer solids. She gave me round shoulders, as i prefer squarish....she gave me delicate, as I prefer striking..... Not only was I having a blast rediscovering me.... But I was shocked at the eclectic styles she came up with for me. It was phenomenal. I highly recommend a girlfriends trip to the stylist. And make sure the bestie you take is supportive, honest, and fun! Needless to say, I am changing my outfit for the cabaret show. Her choices were frighteningly better than mine.

I am also changing different things in my lifestyle, in order to embrace more of my feminine side. How? Make sure you subscribe to my blog, and I will keep you posted, because thats for another time. I have been using the transformation for only just a few weeks now...and there has been some serious ebbs and flow already! Who knew this cabaret journey would lead to a whole new self- improvement journey.

And whatever journey youre going thru, know that youre not alone in the work. I am right along side you. I am cheering you on, because I know what it takes. And i believe in us. We wont give up. Lets keep going.

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