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(Prt2) Karmen´s Cabaret , What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

First of all, thank you for coming to check out part two. Secondly, the vidoe should NOT be age restricted. You tube did it one their own. So it is okay, if kids watch it.

Soo....After a couple of more break downs, I called my Tribe. He knew exactly what to say, to calm my nerves. Actually, he didnt need to say anything in particular. His support thru this ordeal has been such a confidence- booster. Most of the time, Dreamers are alone in their journey, because people become a distraction with their criticism and doubts. For those of us who are fortunate to have a tribe that supports us no matter what, dont forget to say thanks. But i digress.

A few minutes before i walked out my door, The videographer called for me to put his name on the location list. I asked why he was there so early. He said I told him 1700 hours. But I meant 7pm!! No matter how long I am outside of America, I can not get used to Military time. However, I told my dancers the correct time. Now I needed a new location because they had booked me for 1700 hours, when i needed 7pm. Got it?

Thank Goddess for E (he asks his name not be used..). He was able to rearrange everything for me, including finding a new location. Everyone was able to make it to the new location, but one dancer. My vision was for Four dancers. But what was I to do? Cancel everyone, and loose my location-deposit again?

The location we had to choose from were amazing. But with such short notice, none of the variations fit my style. They location in the video was my final choice. Do you like it?

Once the evening was over, I was hella exhausted but happy. I had been trying to create this video between two years of loosing dancers, videographer...surviving a I felt Triumphant!!! But what I had recored wasnt my vision at all. But a substitute of it? Will I be happy with it? Or am i settling? Can i afford not to settle? I guress the answer starts with the final video. fingers crossed with me Luvz.


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