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(Prt4) karmen´s cabaret: Body Yoddy Image

I didnt expect to learn multiple Life Lessons when I started this project. Every step of the way, I am discovering ways to improve myself. I believe blogging about my journey is the reason I am discovering these precious jewels. Here are a few of them.

And THIS blog, I learned something new about Body Image. I am pretty secure with myself. At least I thought I was before I started this project. I´ve never used a stylist before. I felt i didnt need one because I knew what was best for my body type. Even when my body drastically changed after my medical scare, I still had the same body image of myself.

As many of you know, I was in the hospital two years ago. I stayed for thirty days. The situation was so bad that i almost lost my life. I had been promising to dive into the details ever since I recovered. Even though it was a while ago, I am still not ready to speak on it. I am not in an emotionally safe place for that story. But i digress, anyway....

I was sent to a professional stylist for an upcoming show. As soon as I saw her, I told her about my body type..and what looks good on me. She didnt respond. She stared at me for a few moments, then disappeared to the back. Came out with a KILLER outfit. OMG!! I looked Fire! I wouldve never picked the style for myself. So I decided to return when it´s time to choose outfits for the video shoot.

I stayed at the shop for hours, trying on various styles of clothing (thats what going on in the video). And I was shocked at how much I limited myself, due to my own thinking. Many feel that Fashion gives women negative body images of themselves. But what if we saw Fashion as way to Help with negative Body Images? I want every woman to grab their girlfriends, and go try on different styles, Outside Your box. You´ll be Amazed at what looks good on you. Trust me, you will start to be impressed with your own looks, grow confidence...and start changing your body image to something more positive.

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